To say that tax was a taxing subject would be an understatement to say the least – it can be the more of all convoluted endeavours. However, our expert team quite simply lives and breathes tax and financial matters every single day, making us the ideal resource to help take the sting out of the tail of an unfortunate necessity in life.

We understand that nobody would choose to pay personal taxes if they had any say in the matter, therefore feel that the least you can expect is to pay no more than you owe in the simplest, safest and timeliest manner possible.

Tax Planning
We offer an extensive array of advice on both personal taxes and business tax, with a common goal of bringing you out the other side informed and unscathed.

  • Regular Tax Preparation
  • Online Tax by Fax
  • Electronic Filing Services
  • Tax Reviews
  • Salary vs. Dividend

All accounting,  financial statements and tax advisory services are provided by Devendra Sharma CPA Professional Corporation.