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Chartered Professional Accountant & Certified Financial Planner

Deven Sharma, CPA, CMA, CFP, CLU, CHS, CEA

Chartered Professional Accountant, Tax Specialist and Certified Financial Planner

Devendra (Deven) Sharma is a Chartered Professional Accountant, Tax Specialist and Certified Financial Planner. He also hold Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS) and Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) designations. For over 15 years, Deven has been providing accounting, investment, insurance, and tax advice to clients around the Peel Region, the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. He specializes in Accounting, Business Consulting, Financial Planning, Investments, Risk Management, Tax Advice, Small Business Planning, Succession & Estate Planning, and Health Care Professionals Tax & Financial Planning.

  • Career Before Financial Planner

    Prior to his career as a financial advisor, Deven spent over 10 years as Head of Project Finance and Accounts for a livestock equipment company.

    As a result of this interesting path, Deven has had the opportunity to get to know many people from many diverse backgrounds. Deven’s apprehension for the financial well-being of his clients is driven by professional as well as personal experiences. He writes and speaks passionately on the topic of planning for retirement and old age.  Deven also genuinely cares about his clients and takes into account the differences in each situation.

  • Teach Young People

    In particular, Deven has the desire to inspire young women and men to explore and accept accountability for their finances. Many people, both old as well as young, often tell Deven about how they feel the necessity for increased financial insight. They want to feel that they have self-reliance, and financial security, which is a worthy goal to pursue.

  • Don’t think about the Past

    Although at times it may seem like it, they are not the only person in this process. They often feel that they are alone. Deven tell them to not worry about earlier in their life having made financial mistakes. He advises them to not worry over previously made financial mistakes. Everyone has made them at one time or another in their lifetime. Instead, that should be an opportunity to learn and move forward.

  • Eyes on the Future

    It is true that individuals are living longer lives and so the money for retirement will need to last much longer. However, with longer lives there is good news. The longer lifespan gives more time to learn and make adjustments. Our long lives offer the prospect to make people richer in many different ways.