Dentists and Physicians

Ontario Chartered Accountants and Certified Financial Professionals helping Dentists, Doctors and Healthcare Professionals with accounting, tax, estate and financial planning, valuations and accounting to improve income and to manage professional practices.

We provide strategies to help dentists, doctors and health professionals accumulate assets, protect their dental or medical practice with proven tax, investment and insurance advice.

At Prudent Asset Management, we provide advice that encompasses your tax, accounting and financial interests.

  • Getting to know you

    We’ll take the time to review:

    • Tax Rates
    • Canadian Controlled Private Corporation
    • Active Business Income
    • Passive Income
    • Salary
    • Dividend
    • RRSP
    • TFSA
  • Tax Efficiency

    Understand what’s the most efficient as an individual taxpayer. (Highest tax efficiency to lowest tax efficiency.)

    • Capital Dividends/ Shareholder Loan Repayments
    • TFSA
    • Series T/SWP
    • Tax Efficient Distributions (Capital Gains/ Eligible Dividends)
    • Non-Eligible Dividends
    • Additional RRSP/RRIF Income
    • Minimum RRIF, LIF, LRIF
    • Employer-sponsored pensions (Defined Benefit/Defined Contributions)
    • Government Pensions (CPP, OAS, GIS)
  • Corporate Planning- Tax, Retirement, Succession

    Integrated your tax planning with your corporation

    • Paying Salary vs Dividend.
    • Tax planning with your corporation
    • Retirement planning using insurance
    • Succession Plan

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Based on 21 reviews
Gautam Chitale
Gautam Chitale
I strongly recommend using their services. Very knowledgable about Tax related issues. I have used their services for more than 15 years and never once thought of looking elsewhere.
Koonal Pandya
Koonal Pandya
Most trusted and transparent.
Excellent services Strongly recommend using their services related to tax and Financial matters.
Dr Bhushan Jain
Dr Bhushan Jain
We are so happy with the professional services of Mr Deven and his team for my both Dental Offices. They are always there for you and very easily approachable. You get your answers for all the problems in like 5 minutes. All the staff members are super quick and know all the complex accounting issues solutions thoroughly. Best of all:very reasonably priced!
Abhijit Bhattacharya
Abhijit Bhattacharya
Excellent Customer Service, Great knowledge of Tax matters, Reliable consultancy related to Financial matters. Strongly recommend using their services related to tax and Financial matters.
Anand Bhatt
Anand Bhatt
I know Deven since 2001. He filed my first return when I came to this country as an immigrant. Deven started very modestly and I still remember his two room office near Cardiff Blvd. Since then Deven has grown multifolds however he is still as humble as the day I met him. I have taken his advise on all matters of taxation RESP, RRSP mortgage etc and his advise has been very helpful. Thank you Deven
Sameer Desai
Sameer Desai
I have been dealing with Deven & his Team for over 10 yrs for my personal & business taxation as well as all my investments. Deven has always been prompt in his responses & given sound advise on taxation and investments, hence over the years I haven't explored any other options other than Deven for my Taxation & Investment needs.
Very professional. Will definitely recommend.

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